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How to Get Free Chick-fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day

Here’s a free food deal that will really get you moo-ving. On July 10, Chick-fil-A restaurants will celebrate their 14th annual Cow Appreciation Day, meaning anyone wearing cow-related attire and visiting between opening time and 7 p.m. will receive a free entrée.

“Cow Appreciation Day is the one day of the year when it’s okay to dress udderly crazy in exchange for free food,” the restaurant notes on its site.

Children wearing anything cow-like will receive a free Kid’s Meal. Adults in cow clothing can choose from a number of different entrées, a list of which will soon be available on the Cow Appreciation Day website.

The cow apparel doesn’t have to be fancy, and you don’t need to be decked head-to-toe in cow print. Even a cow accessory, such as a cowbell or cow ear headband, will qualify. No one will beef with you or accuse you of milking the deal.


Heck, last year some diners just grabbed a black Sharpie and drew cow spots on white T-shirts, some printed out spots or cow masks, and all were outstanding in their fields. Last year, more than 1.8 million diners received free food.

Why is a chicken restaurant celebrating cows? It’s playing off the chain’s ad campaign, which shows cows (who aren’t very good at spelling) urging patrons to eat Chick-fil-A chicken instead of, well, beef. If you aren’t heading to Chick-fil-A any time soon, consult this list of 35 chicken recipes for busy weeknight cooking.

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