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Dishes You’ll Only Find in the Midwest – Photos – Dishes You’ll Only Find in the Midwest

Midwesterners will be the first to tell you that they’re friendly and hardworking, so while food is important to them, the more important thing is the community that comes together at mealtime. So in Midwestern cuisine, you’ll find a lot of casseroles (or hotdishes), shareable but easy appetizers, and hearty party foods that are best enjoyed together. And while these foods are associated incredibly closely with the American heartland, you won’t be able to find them (or at least find them done right) outside of the region.

If the Midwest had to break down its major food groups, you’d probably find beer, cheese, casseroles, and desserts inspired by Midwesterners’ ethnic backgrounds and forefathers. So if you’re cooking your way through a Midwestern menu, you’re going to find a lot of those items mixed in. And when it comes to entertaining in the Midwest, it’s all about convenience and flavors that will satisfy the whole family. Let’s be real here, no gathering would be complete without pigs in a blanket and a Jell-O mold.

While the South and the Northeast have their own distinctive cuisines, we think there’s no finer fare in the U.S. than Midwestern food. Don’t believe us? Check out these 25 dishes you’ll only find in the Midwest.

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