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Readers sound off on Montefiore, pedestrian safety and the Jumble

Brooklyn: Several Voicers have written in defense of their yeshivas that do teach secular subjects, including math, English, science and social studies. The organization YAFFED, which recently filed a lawsuit to enforce state education law regarding the legal obligation to provide a basic secular education, absolutely does distinguish between the many yeshivas which follow the law and a specific subset of ultra-Orthodox yeshivas that defy it. The names of these specific 39 NYC yeshivas were given to the mayor and chancellor more than three years ago. If you attended a yeshiva which does follow the law, then you prove YAFFED’s point that it is eminently possible within the framework of a religious school to provide both rigorous religious instruction and a sound secular education that prepares students to carry on their religious traditions and meet their real-world financial responsibilities. Joanna Palumbo

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