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New Mexico targets chronically failing schools

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico education officials have identified four failing schools that are in line for what they call rigorous interventions that could span from restructuring to closure.

Public Education Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski named the schools during a news conference Tuesday in Albuquerque in which he also unveiled a multimillion-dollar program aimed at helping struggling schools.

The program includes access to funding as well as training and mentorship for teachers and principals.

State officials say Hawthorne Elementary and Whittier Elementary in Albuquerque have each earned six continuous “F” grades since 2012. Los Padillas Elementary in Albuquerque and Dulce Elementary in northern New Mexico have been earning failing grades since 2013.

The standards schools must now meet are outlined by federal mandates that replaced the widely criticized No Child Left Behind education law.

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