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Just don’t do it for Colin, Nike

Glen Head, L.I.: In Sunday’s Voice of the People, Voicer Geisha Lee stated about President Trump, “He separated children from their parents.” The truth of the matter is that President Obama detained twice as many children separated from their parents during his presidency as has Trump. Where was the outcry then? This is easily verifiable, but “never-Trumpers” don’t need facts! They just drone on and repeat what they hear on the news networks that oppose and attack Trump constantly 24/7. By the way, I did not get this information from Fox News! Additionally, Lee said that Trump “insults immigrants.” Not true! Trump insults illegal immigrants! Big difference, but to liberal “progressive” Democrats, there are no “illegal” immigrants; there are only future potential voters! Democrats have zero compassion for immigrants. Family separation was a good talking point for them, nothing more. Then it was back to Stormy Daniels! Robert Kralick

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