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Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt? – TechCrunch

Martha Notaras Contributor For the last decade, the largest technology companies have increasingly looked outside of tech to grow their operations. From automotive to retail to groceries, these companies use massive competitive advantages in the form of data, consumer relationships and software engineers to fundamentally change markets. Now, companies like ...

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How tech is revolutionising the mining industry

Image copyright STS3D Image caption The world’s first VR blast wall was installed at Glencore’s Mopani Copper Mines in 2016 The use of controlled explosives is vital in mines but can be deadly if they are handled wrongly. If miners do not make accurate measurements or choose the right spots ...

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Nazi-themed goods found on Amazon marketplace

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Amazon should be more active in policing its store, rights groups say Amazon is helping hate groups profit by letting them sell Nazi-themed goods on its store, a report suggests. The study found many hate groups were selling goods on Amazon’s store branded with Nazi ...

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Apple releases new iPad, FaceID ads – TechCrunch

Apple has released a handful of new ads promoting the iPad’s portability and convenience over both laptops and traditional paper solutions. The 15-second ads focus on how the iPad can make even the most tedious things — travel, notes, paperwork, and ‘stuff’ — just a bit easier. Three out of ...

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