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The man who can’t face the internet

Image copyright Jonathan Hirshon Image caption For someone who likes anonymity, it is no surprise that Jonathan Hirshon enjoys remote places such as northern Lapland Earlier this month, Facebook announced it would be using facial recognition to let users know every time a photo of them had been uploaded to ...

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Mishal Husain comes face-to-face with AI and the Mishalbot

Artificial Intelligence makes most people think of two things; futuristic killer robots bent on destroying the human race or spotless factories where obsolete workers are replaced by silently gliding robots. But this morning the Today programme enlisted the help of AI as its final guest editor. For this special programme ...

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New Year Honours 2018: AI chief Demis Hassabis made CBE

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption DeepMind chief executive Demis Hassabis British artificial intelligence researcher Demis Hassabis has been recognised on the New Year Honours list. Mr Hassabis is chief executive of DeepMind, which has developed software that can beat human experts at the complex board game Go. He was ...

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The U.S. needs to create civic social networks

Rep. Rick Crawford Contributor Rick Crawford, Representative for the 1st District of Arkansas, served in the Army and started his own agri-communnications business before running for Congress where he sits on the House Agriculture, Transportation, and Intelligence Committees. Whether an elected official is school board member in a small town ...

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Contact made with ‘missing’ Angolan satellite

Image copyright AFP Image caption Launched on 26 December, Angosat-1 will improve TV, radio and net communications in Angola Russian scientists have restored communications with a satellite days after they lost contact with it. Launched on 26 December, Angosat-1 will boost mobile and net communications in Angola as well as ...

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Apple apologises for slowing older iPhones down

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The company has announced a range of measures to “regain the trust” of customers Apple has apologised after facing criticism for admitting it deliberately slows down some ageing iPhone models. The company now says it will replace batteries for less and will issue software in ...

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