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‘Huge Lift’ Remains as Puerto Rico Schools Struggle to Reopen

Schools in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico are slowly getting to their feet, but the struggle is particularly difficult in areas outside major urban centers, as Congress and federal officials continue to work out aid packages that could help the island’s still mostly shuttered educational system. When Hurricane Maria struck the island ...

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Film made using only public surveillance footage

This movie takes “The Truman Show” to a whole other level. Chinese film, “Dragonfly Eyes” by Xu Bing, was created using only surveillance footage he found online. An indie film, “Dragonfly Eyes” has been making the international film festival circuit, debuting in the United States at the New ...

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Knee Tracker™ wins place at UK’s leading innovation show

Knee Tracker Ltd, a company from Lancashire has won a place in an exhibition of the most game-changing innovations from businesses across the country at the UK’s leading innovation show in November. Knee Tracker™ was one of 100 companies nationwide to be selected to exhibit its innovation to over 2,500 ...

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The 8 most common urological issues affecting men

The practice of urology is a vital component of men’s health care. This medical specialty focuses on the urinary tract system which encompasses the system responsible for creating and removing urine from the body, which includes the kidneys, bladder, ureter, urethra, and the reproductive system of men. ...

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