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Mojito Pitcher Recipes to Make Your Summer Complete

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than sipping on an ice-cold Mojito? The flavors of lime, mint, and white rum all play off each other so pleasantly in this classic cocktail originally from Cuba. This libation is simple enough for any thirsty individual to put together, but ...

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Festival essentials from Nature’s Dream

Nothing screams summer quite like the heady anticipation of weekend-long music festivals. And whatever the weather this year, whether it’s a mudfest of epic proportions or a sunburning heatwave, you can guarantee the huge smiles on festival-goers’ faces will still be the same! But it’s not easy to pack everything ...

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Slurp on free Slurpees for 7-Eleven Day

The Fourth of July is over, and another huge holiday is upon us this week: 7-Eleven Day on July 11. How does one celebrate such a holiday? By partaking in a corporate giveaway, of course: guests can pick up a free small Slurpee from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday. ...

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Piña Colada Day: How to observe in Central Florida

Do you like piña coladas? How about getting caught in the rain? The sweet, rum-based cocktail that we celebrate today, National Piña Colada Day, was born in Puerto Rico in the 1950s, became Puerto Rico’s national drink in 1978 and inspired a hit song in 1979. And like any famous ...

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THC-Infused Popsicles Will Make Your Summer

Daily Delight: Photo by Alison Marras via Unsplash There’s nothing better than a popsicle when facing the sweltering heat of summer. And what a better way to eat one than when it’s infused with THC? One of the best things about legal marijuana is the variety of products that exist ...

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The 75 Best Fried Chicken Places in America

Is there anyone out there who honestly, seriously hates fried chicken? The answer to that question is no, because fried chicken is physically impossible to dislike. When done properly, it hits just about every right note in the culinary book: tender and juicy, salty, crunchy, fatty. There’s a reason why ...

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