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Tokyo’s North Korea fan club

Tokyo’s North Korea fan club Since 2013, freelance illustrator and Japanese internet star Chunhun has documented her love for North Korean culture online, earning her waves of online backlash. While she and her fellow North Korean fanatics insist they disagree with the politics of the country, they proudly choreograph dances ...

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Single-Gender Public Schools in 5 Charts

Single-gender education has long been a pillar in the world of private schools, but in the past decade, several big-city school districts have opened all-boys schools designed to improve academic achievement and social-emotional skills for non-white students. Those efforts have been widely praised for the resources they are bringing to ...

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Finnish airline to weigh passengers before flights

Add possibly getting weighed to your airport security gripes. This week, Finnair has been weighing select volunteer passengers at check-in, with their outerwear and luggage on, all for scientific study. At least they got to keep their shoes on. With obesity becoming a global epidemic, the average weight ...

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Marijuana products don’t cure cancer, FDA warns

This cannabis can’t. The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on marijuana supplements that claim to cure cancer. Four companies were the center of an FDA news release on Wednesday which stated that the companies were “illegally selling products online that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, ...

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Peers Guide 9th Graders Through ‘Make-or-Break’ Year

Senior Melvin Rivas, right, chats with his freshman mentee, Terrace Manley, during breakfast at Summit High School in Fontana, Calif. During their breakfasts, Melvin checks on how Terrace is doing, offers him tutoring when classes get tough, or encourages him to join a sports team—all are aimed at helping Terrace ...

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