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OneLife Introduces LinkedIn Learning For All Employees

Luxembourg, 2 October 2017 – As announced at its Digital Days on 15 June, OneLife, the Luxembourg-based specialist in life assurance, has launched the latest innovation in the company’s digital transformation plan. Employees at OneLife can now manage all their learning and development needs using a single online learning platform, ...

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Students Earn Digital Credentials for Adding New Skills

Schools and employers are taking a fresh view of digital badges in preparing students High school senior Christopher Ediger earned more than grades on a report card as he progressed through Colorado’s Aurora school district. He was the first student in the district to earn all five of its digital ...

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Are Our Jobs Making Us Dumber?

Some experts blame automation for a decline in literacy skills Employers increasingly demand complex literacy skills from students, but new studies in the United States and Canada suggest that many young people entering the workforce may lose those skills before they can use them. From 2003 to 2011, the average ...

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The Future of Work Is Uncertain, Schools Should Worry Now

An elite coder with vision, people skills, and high-powered mentors, New York City 9th grader Emma Yang is as close to future-proof as a 13-year old can get. But with technology radically reshaping the labor market, schools face a monumental challenge preparing all students to thrive in a murky future. ...

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How ‘Intelligent’ Tutors Could Transform Teaching

In STEM AutoTutor, an artificially intelligent computer program for teaching middle school math and science, virtual characters help students think through their goals and the different approaches they might try to solve a problem as well as the procedures they need to know. Teachers’ jobs aren’t going away, but they ...

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Taking a Long Look at Schools and Work

By The Editors In his latest book, Thank You for Being Late, Thomas L. Friedman argues that technological change, globalization, and climate change are happening at an accelerating pace all across the world. Artificial intelligence and automation are the engines driving much of the transformation in the workplace. Some experts ...

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