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Ed-Tech Leadership Is a Tough Task for Principals

Principals face pressure cooker of K-12 ed-tech priorities Principals sit in a very difficult position when it comes to educational technology. They face pressures about what digital learning approaches to take and what tech products to buy—from the central office, education companies, teachers, parents, and students. Some will embrace their ...

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What Principals Really Think About Tech

As digital devices and social-media platforms become an ever-larger part of children’s lives, the nation’s school principals find themselves in an uncomfortable—if familiar—bind. On one hand, principals say they’re worried about technology’s potentially harmful effects: A full 95 percent believe their students are using screens too much at home, and ...

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Principals Warm Up to Computer Science, Despite Obstacles

High school leaders in smaller school districts are particularly enthusiastic, survey shows By Benjamin Herold and Sarah Schwartz April 17, 2018 | Corrected: April 18, 2018 A national effort led by the White House and Silicon Valley has pushed computer science education onto the radar screens of 70 percent of ...

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Tech Pressures Put Principals in Difficult Spot

Many educators would argue that the toughest job in education today is that of a principal. That is where the real action happens, inside schools. Principals must balance the demands coming from the central office and their local communities with the needs of teachers and students, and they must keep ...

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Technology Counts 2018 – Education Week

National Survey: What Do Principals Believe? What do modern principals think about some of the most vexing tech issues? Are students spending too much time in front of computer screens? Is personalized learning worth expanding? And what about students’ social-media use?To better understand where the ed-tech pressure points are for ...

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