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Columbus Z output management software delivers mobile web access to IBM mainframe printing

New web interface improves access, efficiency and user experience for operations and helpdesk teams handling mainframe printing

Crawley, UK, February 21, 2018 – Macro 4, a division of UNICOM® Global, has introduced a new web browser interface for Columbus Z, its output management solution for monitoring and controlling printing within the IBM z/OS mainframe environment. The new web front end, which is mobile compatible, boosts efficiency by allowing operations and helpdesk staff to manage their company’s mainframe printing infrastructure while off-site or on the move. It also provides a more intuitive alternative to the traditional 3270 mainframe display, with all the usability and productivity benefits of a graphical interface.

The new mobile compatible web interface for Macro 4’s Columbus Z

“Using the web interface means you are no longer tied to a computer with a terminal emulator if you need to access your mainframe output management environment – or view and print documents from the mainframe,” explained Keith Banham, Mainframe R&D Manager at Macro 4. “Now you can log in from virtually anywhere and get a single enterprise view of all printers, print jobs and output throughout your organization. All you need is an internet connection. This makes it easier to keep track of all of your printing and output management processes and get on top of any problems before they start affecting your business.”

Newcomers to the mainframe, who are unfamiliar with the 3270 ‘green screen’ command line view, or users seeking a modern alternative that requires less training, can take advantage of the additional features available in the new web interface, such as drop-down menus and pop-ups, that make navigating the system easier. It is also touchscreen enabled for use with mobile devices.

“The web interface removes the need for any specific mainframe knowledge or training to work with Columbus Z: you can simply point and click your way around the system. This makes it much more accessible. Now anyone on your helpdesk team can respond to mainframe printing queries, rather than relying on mainframe experts – who are often thin on the ground,” added Banham.

Columbus Z is an output management solution that allows users to send or print mainframe documents from the JES spool to any destination in a multi-platform systems landscape including z/Linux, Unix, IBM i and Windows. Columbus Z controls the z/OS mainframe output management environment to drive maximum value from an organization’s existing print infrastructure. Non-mainframe applications can make use of high-speed mainframe-attached printers, and vice versa: documents can be transferred off the mainframe to low-cost distributed printers. This approach minimizes the need for investment in new printer hardware. Seamless integration with the rest of Macro 4’s Columbus suite makes mainframe printing an integral part of any enterprise information management infrastructure.

About Macro 4 www.macro4.com
Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, develops software solutions that accelerate business transformation. Macro 4’s cross-platform enterprise information management solutions make it easy for companies to go digital, personalize customer communications and unlock the value of their corporate content. Macro 4 solutions for application lifecycle management, session management and performance optimization are used by many of the world’s largest enterprises to modernize their mainframe applications and development processes.

About UNICOM® Global www.unicomglobal.com
UNICOM Global consists of more than forty (40) corporate entities encompassing a wide range of businesses across all geographic regions. With its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, to offices in Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Virginia, throughout EMEA in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the UAE, and across Asia/Pacific with locations in Japan, China, India, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. UNICOM Global offers deep in-house resources and flexible IT solutions to partners worldwide, and is continually focused on acquiring and integrating mature and growing mid-cap NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange AIM and German publically-traded companies in technology, financing, IT, real estate, and business services. Visit UNICOM’s websites for additional information about the services, products and solutions that the Company offers:

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