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SEE IT: Man barred from flight for layering clothing

British Airways may appreciate your patronage, but you better check your antics at the gate. Ryan Carney Williams, known on Twitter as Ryan Hawaii, drew eyes from every corner of the internet after sharing a harrowing airline experience during which he claims he was held at Iceland Keflavik ...

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Carillion apprentices among casualties as firm collapses

Image copyright Kyle Fitzsimmons Image caption Carillion apprentice Kyle Fitzsimmons is weeks away from achieving a higher level carpentry qualification “I’m really worried I might lose access to all my work,” says Kyle Fitzsimmons, who until Tuesday morning was studying for a higher level carpentry apprenticeship with Carillion in Liverpool. ...

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Uber to introduce limit on drivers’ hours

Image copyright PA Uber is introducing a new policy on drivers’ hours across the UK next week, which it says will help to increase safety for drivers and passengers. A licensed driver on its app must take an uninterrupted six-hour break after 10 hours of driving with a passenger or ...

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Bloated Facebook Messenger promises to simplify in 2018

“The app became too cluttered,” Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus announced today in a post of plans for 2018 including “massively simplifying and streamlining Messenger this year.” Between Messenger Day/Stories, its Snapchatty augmented reality camera, a bot Discover section, games, and more, Facebook had to build artificial intelligence “M ...

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Police: ‘Dignitaries’ disrupted Sandy Hook massacre scene

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — After the 2012 school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, police officials not involved in the investigation and “dignitaries” were allowed into the building and potentially contaminated the crime scene by stepping on bullet casings and glass shards that had yet to be processed as evidence, according to ...

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Pulse fishing: MEPs vote for ban on controversial method

Image copyright Alamy Image caption The Netherlands is the biggest user of pulse fishing in the EU Members of the European Parliament have voted to ban commercial fishing using an electric current in EU waters, so-called pulse fishing. Opponents say the method is equivalent to putting a Taser in the ...

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